Dear Andy, Steve and Mike,

Thank you all for making our addition/renovation project a dream come true. It has been such a pleasure to work with skilled professionals who bring pride of work and attention to detail to every aspect of the job - especially when that job is one's home! We love our refurbished house. The updated exterior, new bathrooms, dream kitchen and dining room all combine to bring a smile to my face every time I come home - and all our friends are amazed at the transformation.

We've all heard tales of woe from acquaintances whose building projects have gone astray. It is a pleasure to recommend Curran Construction to our friends as a company that is reliable, honest, imaginative and thorough - and that gets the job done!

As Joel and I look around our house, there is not a single thing that we find ourselves second guessing about the project, and I credit you all for your patient input at each decision point. You helped us articulate our vision, and you made it happen. Thank you!!!


Amy and Joel J.

Dear Andy, Mike and Steve,

Just wanted to write a little note to thank you for everything.

You made our first home improvement project a great experience. We'll be sure to give you a call when we're ready to undertake our next project.

Thanks Again,


Kevin & Becca M.

To Whom It May Concern:

At this time last year Andy, Steve, and Michael Schwab of Curran Construction began framing the addition to my mother's home that would become our home. We made a single family home into a two family home. My wife and I would like to take a moment now to write this belated letter of recommendation. The house was completed on time and in budget. And it's beautiful.

Andy overshadowed his competitors from the start when he delivered not only the quote, but a preliminary copy of the house blueprint and lots of information he had gleaned from town hall. Before we even signed papers, he had committed himself to doing the job. Their honesty, reliability and good nature carried us easily through the entire project. No question was too stupid. No phone call was unanswered, even after the house was completed last September.

Curran Construction's fine work and attention to detail can probably best be summed up with a little story. Last spring, six or seven months after we completed the house, we asked Steve to come over and look at a couple of minor plumbing issues. He did so without hesitation, and upon entering the house, he noticed a patched hole in the ceiling. We had decided to have a lighting fixture moved, but did not yet fix the ceiling properly. (We hadn't asked Steve to do it because, after all, the house was done.) After looking at the plumbing, Steve went out to his truck to get tools and returned to patch the ceiling, explaining as he worked that it was a two-step process and he'd return later in the week to finish the job. He returned, the job is finished, and no one can tell that the light was ever moved.

Since this is only one small example of this company's impeccable dedication to excellence, I would highly recommend Curran Construction without hesitation. They are simply superb.


Anthony F.C.